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What I've been doing with myself, 2016 edition.

… Oh, hello there. Hello? Hi. Is this thing on? Well, uhh.. welcome back. It’s been a smidge over two years since I last posted on here, so I figure I should pop in an update - things have been busy but at the same time not really.

Along with the new content I’ve given the site a fresh lick of paint, I’m not going to spend ages getting it where I want because, frankly - the longer I spend on it, the less I’ll be happy with it.

Real life things (tm)

I don’t normally talk about real life stuff on here, but things have been busy and some pretty big and meaningful changes have been afoot so buckle up.

I quit my job. Twice. Without going into too much detail, I’m trying to sort out where my career is going. Being “on the tools” is making me feel like shit and killing what interest I do have, though part of this is environmental/situational and even more of it is a me problem.

Anyway, this is an ongoing thing and I need to sort things out still. At this point I’m considering moving to a whiteboard position (solutions architecture) or make a dramatic jump into something completely not IT related (book keeping seems reasonable at this point). Updates as they come, but we’ll see where I land in the next 6-12.

Around two months after my last post, I proposed to my gal of 11 years. She said Yes! (thank god). Despite being stressful, I’m as happy about this as ever and it looks like it mightn’t be anywhere near as stressful as planning a wedding :)

Oh, and we bought a house. And an adorable puppy named Frank(ie)!

So things in the real life department are pretty awesome. And expensive. So expensive. But mostly awesome :)


Nope! This post is getting too long already. You’re going to have to check out the next three posts covering this section. Doing this big update makes me feel a little better, I don’t feel like I’ve been so lazy for the last two years now.

Go me :)


Last year I founded my second real company, Meta Technology (website coming soon, for now please enjoy the SSL warning and webmail links).

I’ve been doing some contract work on and off for a handful of tech startups here in Perth, and this company will house that. This is part of my longer term goal of having a legal entity to fund some of my projects, support any that become viable and provide me with some level of protection for those that might not go so well.

So far, this is a happy story - the company has paid back its loan to me and exceeded its goal of breaking even. So far. With some additional work lined up to pad out the rest of the financial year, things are looking good.

So if you know anyone looking for a solutions architect for hire (specialising in applications at scale and the clouuuud), feel free to refer them to me.

I’ll have a website real soon, promise ;)