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2012 Recap

Whilst I’m usually loathe to use the new year as a milestone on which to measure things - 2013 is promising to be a good year once I get some things sorted out.

But first, lets cap off some of the highlights of 2012 since my last posts…

Personal Scrum - I’ve been giving “Personal” Scrum a go for tasking. The image is a cumulative total of tasks (green is complete!). It helps keep on top of me and when I’m not motivated to work on projects (I’m still making some kind of progress - huzzah!)

USA, Canada, Japan! - I was lucky enough to take a month off work and travel around the USA (mostly) for a month, as well as a little bit of Japan and Canada. We met up with Hurricane Sandy though and missed our epic week in NYE - so we’ll just have to go again :)

Projects - As usual, I’m dissapointed how little progress I’ve made on my forever projects, but maybe thats okay this year - I’ve played with some new things and done some forays into things outside my comfort zone.

Some things I’ve worked on in 2012 - none complete but all explored a bit to ever so slightly scratch the itch:

  • das player - a continuous streaming music player from multiple cloud music sources.
  • jocular - a tool for importing, editing and extruding and stitching 2d geometries into 3d space.
  • super secret project - using general purpose graph database neo4j, creating richer data for a popular dataset, for use with other tools.

As well as some other bits and pieces exploring some other areas.

Startup Weekend - Visited in a previous post, the inaugural Startup Weekend was a fantastic opportunity to network and explore the lean process in an intense 54 hour period.