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Links - May 2012

I’ve been meaning to start putting out links posts for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve actually remembered.

So, some cool things you should check out this month are…

Sync - An awesome feature length web series from the equally awesome Sam and Niko over at Corridor Digital.

bammo - A YouTube channel that happens to all the VFX and regular YouTube’rs I follow on it - including, funnily enough Corridor Digital.

My SoundCloud favourites list - I add most of the tracks I come across and love on here, so I certainly think it’s worth a look. This month’s favourite: The Monster’s Revenge by Figure.

Calxeda - Startup offering multicore ARM servers.

KegBot - Android software/hardware solution for tapping beers in a shared environment.

The Founders Dilemma - This book talks through the various decisions faced by startup entrepreneurs, and their long-term consequences (or lack thereof) for the DNA of the organisation. Great stuff.

The Brown Fox - A pub in West Perth that run a small cider making session every month (though I haven’t been for the last few!). Check them out.

1.00 FTE - A cynically bitter and twisted webcomic on corporate life.