It took about two hours, but I managed to strain the must off the skins and ended up with about 80L of juice to go into the secondary. After adding about 15L of water with dextrose dissolved until it had a specific gravity of 1090.

(NB: Photo is before I added the 15L of fluid… 80L of pure grape juice… Ohhh yeah!)

This vessel has an airlock and assuming it stays out of the sunlight (as I’m not fermenting in glass or stainless steel), should be ready in a few weeks or months - once it hits a specific gravity of 1005. There is plenty of available sugar for now.

That’s all the hard stuff for now, hopefully I haven’t stuffed anything up too badly. Now it’s starting to resemble the colour and smell of wine, I’m getting excited about the final product.

Next on the list: Buy 10 cases of 14 wine bottles, bottling, sealing and labelling them when the time comes… :)