After almost a month and a half of fermentation, it looks like I’m ready to move on my wine project this week. In order for the wine to be ready to go, it needs to have a specific gravity of less than 1005.

Currently the wine is registering slightly above 990, which means that almost all of the available sugars have been eaten by the wine yeast and turned into ethanol. I’ve had a quick taste test and whilst it still tastes a bit fizzy (trapped CO2 from the fermentation), its passable as wine (yay!) and thankfully not as dry as I was expecting it to be after the rapid fermentation process.

Things to do: Kill the yeast with campden tablets and stabilise, rack the wine to remove yeast sediment, agitate the wine to remove trapped CO2, filter the wine to remove the last bits of yeast, then bottle.

Bottling is going to be an interesting process, as I’ll be doing a few 5L demijon/flagons for people - as well as some bottles, and I’ve yet to check out the local brew store to see what kind of screw top lids they have.

Time to come up with some wine label ideas ;)