Windows 7 Update

Okay, so I’m not a big fan of Windows Vista or it’s service pack successor, Windows 7.

In the months since my last rant, I’ve been running Windows 7 on my work laptop - and the results have been, well… pleasing…

Okay, so it still killed about 700gb of my data when hot-swapping SATA drives on the RC. It killed Quicklaunch, and explorer looks like a retarded pug dog - but gosh darn it if I haven’t started to adapt…

I’ve managed to adjust to the search bar, which I was kind of expecting - you type what you want and it loads, well… almost. There’s still a few bugs where the selection loses focus, and I’m still switching to/from XP and 7 - so I’m constantly typing Start, then r, followed by what I want (often ending up with something like ‘rmstsc’ or ‘rnotepad’ - but on the whole it’s do-able.

Once you configure your browsers to stop pushing your downloads into the pesky download folder and start putting them back somewhere sensible, it works quite well. The explorer UI is fooked, but still navigatable by the keyboard even though it loses your folder preferences (everything turned off, folders don’t retain view configuration, all folders have the same base view configuration).

All I need to do now is move my storage onto a seperate machine (I’m not ready to trust almost 5TB of data to Vista/7 after last time), and I think I’m comfortable enough to run Windows 7 as my primary OS.

Big news. But that depends on me getting around to doing my storage project. Yeah, don’t hold your breath :P