What I think....

Okay so my lovely partner was apparently up at all hours engaged in a riveting conversation with a good friend of ours. Chatting to him afterwards it sounds like it was a very epic conversation, so I felt obliged to say something about my beliefs. Actually, I’ve been meaning to post something about this for a while (hooray for the little extrovert who *could*!), so it’s as good enough excuse as any.

Already I’ve used the obligatory and self-indulgent words like beliefs, values, and a liberal dash of italics to boot - so I should make one thing clear:

I don’t really beleive in anything Yeah that’s right, religiously speaking: I’m an Agnostic Atheist. No, that doesn’t mean I’m sitting on the fence, really. I don’t think too much about Heaven, Hell and the afterlife - because, well - let’s be honest - it’s not exactly straightforward and it hurts to think about it.

But that’s not to say I’m closed to the idea of [insert religious postulation here], but as someone who likes to think in the abstract, I can’t sit down and accept a concept on the basis of this-is-the-way-it-is without studying the various aspects of it and figuring out how it ticks. If I could, that would be faith.

So I’m sitting on the fence after all it seems… But here’s my core belief:

It doesn’t matter what you beleive in, as long as your beleifs don’t cause your actions to restrict others from freely excercising *their* beleifs

I don’t think theres many people out there who would disagree that this seems like a reasonable and fairly straightforward way to govern your actions as an individual. And if you do, guess what - that’s nice dear, unless you’re screaming some foreign language and running with me with a machete, I don’t mind that you disagree.

And if I’m wrong about there being any greater power upstairs (or downstairs, or flying and made of spaghetti), I don’t beleive any benevolent force could possibly find fault with someone who lives their lives by those rules.**