Design/Motivation Fail

It seems that turning 25 has put a bit of fire in my belly. Actually no, that’s not true. I think that recently I’ve hit a point where I’ve realised I have spent a lot of my short adult life pandering to other people.

If you wind back the clock, as many as five or ten years - I was a lot more intellectually stimulated than I am today. Programming, digital art, design and whatnot coming out the wazoo.

These days, not so much. That’s partly because I’m a little bit OCD and like to make everything perfect beyond practicality (and, not unsuprisingly past motivation) - so much so that I’ve backed off to avoid the stigma of not following through on things.

Get fucked, I love tinkering! So I’ve got other things on these days, but there are some long standing things I’ve been wanting to do for ages - but probably the most prominent is fixing up this site.

Back in the day I wouldn’t have been caught dead with an off-the-shelf website look, but for the last five years I’ve been rocking it hard. I’ve got a plethora of designs for this site I’ve done over the years that have never seen the light of day.

And it’s not because other people read this. This site is my muse. That’s right, I said it: my muse. It might sound wanky but it’s where I yell into the universe from about what I’m doing and how pleased I feel with myself for having done it.

… and if you consider yourself a creative person, as I do - stock templates just don’t cut it.

Now I’ve been using this site more heavily on the projects I do manage to get around to (wine, spirits, cheese, tech stuff, etc) - I’ve got a much better idea on what kind of things I want to be sharing on here and how I want to present it.

Step 1: Get rid of the white-on-black. I hated it 10 years ago and I hate it still. Check and done. It’s a template but I’m happier with it than I was with the old one.

Step 2: Get inspired

Step 3: Profit ;)