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das brewhouse

Das Brewhausist geoffnet! Err… Das Brewhaus is up and running!

After stinking out the house with my fermenter going nuts for a week, I cleared out the back shed and set up a home for all the gear. Well, all of Mitch’s gear - I don’t own the AirStill or Filter.

The first run of spirits was coming out at between 45-55% ABV, with a lovely yeasty smell… ugh. After dropping it all down to 40%, filtering it all (and getting rid of that small) - I ended up with 4.75L of spirits for fun and profit.

The second run of spirits, which I’ve only just started today - is coming out of the still at 55-65% a much higher concentration of alcohol, and has less of a yeasty smell, which makes me happy. I’m expecting to get around 6L of spirits at 40% out of this run - which I’ll use to find some other good flavourings.

  • Brew 1: 6kg of Sugar with water to make 25L and Still Spirits Classic Turbo Yeast. Resulted in 4.75L of spirit @ 40% ABV
  • Brew 2: 8kg of Sugar with water to make 25L and Still Spirits Classic Turbo Yeast.

What’s next? I’ll be trying a different wash using grain or better sugars and not using a Turbo yeast, which should give me a spirit with more natural tones (the Turbo yeast gives it a slight chemical taste/smell).

From the left: Butterscotch Schnapps; Furbon; Furbon; Tennessee Bourbon;Tennessee Bourbon.

The Tenessee Bourbon is going to be about a month or so before I even think about trying it, however I’ve got some drinks on tonight where I’ll be giving the Butterscotch Scnapps and Furbon a test run! Just in case, I’ll take some Jim Beam ;)