On projects and discovery

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, though on the whole I’ve been happy with the subject matter and quality of my posts recently - it seems I’m managing to be doing a lot more of the things that interest me, perhaps this is a good sign that things are well in my world, or maybe I’ve just reached a point of delusion where I’m too far detached from reality to notice. Either way, things are coming up Milhouse!

Since I last posted, I’ve moved from living in a fairly decrepit share house to sharing a lovely brand new villa with two reasonable people I can deal with on a daily basis - let’s hope it stays that way, as I’m starting to feel at home for the first time in three years. It might have something to do with the fact that I have space to hang up my clothes properly and to unpack my bookshelf (yay). Not to mention that I’ve finally got space and the (kind of) right mental mindset to go through all my plastic tubs of hoarded junk and ditch it all (10 tubs down, 15 to go!)

Recently my out-of-work time and sanity has been wrapped up in a project I’ve come to realise was a really bad decision, and once I can clean my hands of it - I’ll be able to start enjoying my evenings again, and will be able to pursue some more projects of interest. I’m reading into Operating System design theory in my spare time at work, and have even cobbled together the rough basics of my own bootable system that can write to the console. It’s a bit on the sad side, but my brain definately feels engaged - which again, is a nice change.

In three weeks I’ll be attending my first AusNOG Conference in Sydney, which should be a blast and pretty interesting. If I can knock off my failed project and sort out some outstanding issues, I should be able to use the extra time I’ve booked in Sydney to unwind and get rid of this stress-induced skin irritation - lovely. I’ve also decided that next year I’m going to plan to attend The Gathering, one of the most awesome demo parties around in Europe, as well as DEFCON, THE security conference.

On a completely unrelated note, I’d like to plug Adam Frisby’s blog. I went to school with Adam and have kept somewhat in touch since, we have fairly similar interests - but he’s always working on something interesting and his blog posts are a brilliant read.

I’m also hoping to sit down at some stage and finalise a layout for this site - it irks me that I’m using someone elses design, yet I’m never happy with anything I come up with. Oh well, happy days.