Having moved house since das brewhaus, I’ve set up a space at the new house for brewing beer and experimenting with spirits. Somewhat unoriginally, I’ve dubbed it Das Brewhaus #2.

I’m already two days into the first fermentation towards my spirit base. After speaking to the guys at Brewcraft and giving them some money, I’ve decided to make the following changes to my (cheap ass) sugar washes:

  • Using a yeast other than Still Spirits Turbo Classic. I’m now using EC-118, which is a Wine/Champagne yeast - it doesn’t have added chemicals which will add a horrible smell/taste, so should make a much superior spirit base.
  • Switched from off-the-shelf white sugar to dextrose.
  • Using the carbon filter at the right ABV (I was filtering at too high an ABV, it turns out)

Right now my fermentation is running on the warm side, so it’s not going as fast and hard as it should be. I’ll fix that up this evening and by the weekend I should be ready to distill, cut and filter - to produce about 2L of homemade Bailey’s, and 2L of Hazelnut Liquer.

More updates to come :)