Okay so it’s been over two weeks since I posted about the brewing thing. Not having done anything for almost a year, I put on another wash somewhat haphazardly with the dextrose sugars and EC118 yeast.

After fermenting for a total of two weeks (longer than I had originally planned for), I started to distill the product. The lower yield from this lot was coming off at approximately 60% ABV and as expected, without the horrible chemical smell from the previous recipe.

I should note for those playing at home that the EC118 yeast is a Wine/Champagne yeast, and the fermented wash goes pink and smells great - very tempting to scoop out a glass and drink it, despite the threat of poisoning from methanol.

I also took the time to redistill the un-drinkable spirits with those chemical notes, which after their second distill and second filter smelt and tasted fantastic.

With the new spirit base I put together a 1.25L bottle of Irish Cream which was promptly drank in its entirity that night by yours truly, a quality recommendation I’m sure. The remaining amount was cut with the re-distilled base and put together into a Hazelnut Liquer.

Next on the shopping list: Second (and maybe third) fermenter; Hydrometer (for pre-distillate measuring); Some kind of reservoir for my in-line carbon filtering.

I’m also thinking about trying my hand with wine and champagne, which are going to be more expensive to play with (and will involve purchasing more kit), but should also prove to be interesting. It would be great to have a bottle of Chateu de Billy House White ;)

I’ll keep y’all posted :)