2009 - Year of Storage

Western Digital’s 2TB hard drive comes out in February this year, and it looks like storage density is continuing in it’s trend of awesomeness.

So much so that even at a price of AUD$419 per disk at release (versus $159 for a 1TB in the same series), storage is now reaching the density that I’d consider using an off-the-shelf NAS storage solution again.

Historically, I’ve been quite keen on the Thecus N5200BR Pro

  • however it’s price point has been rather high - about $1300 to look after 5 disks (which back in the day was 4TB usable).

Now it seems that Thecus have revealed two awesome new products: a seven disk chassis upgrade, the Thecus N7700, and an eight disk rack-mountable variation, the Thecus N8800.

What’s really impressive is that the seven disk N7700 is available for a mere $200 more than the N5200BR Pro, which combined with the higher disk densities coming out and good pricing - means I’m now siding on the home NAS solution again.

Which ultimately makes me sad, because when I combine it with the storage I want for my workstation (300GB Velociraptor), I’d like to be spending approximately $4000 on storage this year - something I can’t afford in the slightest. Sigh :(