Mysterious Fruit Tablets - The Taste Test!

Here I am, ready to report on the Magic Fruit after my first experiences. For this experience, we went to the shops and purchased a variety of sour foods. Here’s the results:

  • Lemon Juice - Tastes like honey with a twist of (non-sour) lemon. If you’ve got a cold, I’d highly suggest having a glass of hot lemon juice straight (after taking Magic Fruit.)

  • Lime Juice - Much the same as lemon juice, just not as sweet. I think the aftertaste is because I didn’t get a good coating on the back of my throat.

  • Vinegar - This is very hard to explain, other than saying it tastes exactly like Vinegar, but without the intense, biting quality.

  • White Onions - Sadly, these are much the same as usual, though will a little less harshness from the pickling liquid.

  • Soy Sauce - Like vingear, this tastes exactly like Soy Sauce, but without the saltiness. It’s hard to explain

  • Salt & Vinegar Crisps - These turned out to be sweet and sour crisps, very delicious. The sweet vinegar flavour contrasted to the saltiness of the chip, and together they complemented each other very nicely.

  • Wasabi - This one was really quite strange. Our normally hot wasabi was reduced to a warm, wheatgrassy flavour. It wasn’t unpleasant, but was definately a different taste.

As well as these basic tests, we’ve been told that we should try these with a pint of Guinness. So on the way back from the shops we did…

  • Guinness - Oh My God. It’s like the heavens opened up and blessed us. What was previously a bitter and moody drink was literally a sweet nectar of awesomeness, and you could easily down an entire pint of this in 10 seconds.

In short - this shit is awesome, go buy some.