I’ve had a fair number of comments from people about my previous post about my University Gripes.

In my post I waxed and waned on explaining where I was coming from - to the point where I think I’ve come across as whinging about the state of affairs. Which I am, but not in a premadonna “Oh, it’s so unfair, whoa is me” kind of way. Really, honest.

In summary: I have major issues when lecturers make generalisations that I understand to be wrong, or believe I understand to be wrong. Often if I’ve been unable to figure it out by myself, I’ve been met with resistance when trying to clarify it in detail. This is either because I’m being extremely dense (which is fair enough) or it’s beyond the context of the course.

My issue: Even though students should be figuring it out themselves, lecturers/tutors are unwilling to discuss the problem in detail, or even to come out and plain state “you need to go figure it out”. Worse yet, if you’re trying to understand something in more detail, you’re told that you’re just plain wrong.

I’m trying to draw a line between being supportive in letting people figure things out from themselves and being neglectful in the way they approach this. Don’t forget, one of the best ways to work through something is to discuss the idea with someone who can keep up.

At the time this caused me a large amount of grief because I expected the environment to be supportive and understanding. Naieve perhaps, but having unanswered contradictions really hindered me when trying to build my level of understanding.

Importantly: I know it’s about figuring things out yourself, that’s not what this is about. It’s a gripe about the bullshit you face when you’re trying to utilise resources that SHOULD be available to you while you’re doing just that.

Since I’ve left University I’ve accepted that this is just the way it is - and if I continue in my studies I’ll probably be doing them externally.

Ironically though, the issue that caused me post about this gripe of mine in the first place has nothing to do with the teaching methods, rather issues with getting my prior learning recognised at another University - but that’s another post for another time.

Ciao all :)