So despite my University gripes and whatnot, I’ve been attempting to get credit for my previous studies towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS in CS, how appropriate).

Unfortunately for me, my previous University’s online handbook does not accurately describe the subject matter of each unit. Given that this information is used by other institutions to determine course credits, one must rely on their archived copies of Unit Outlines for this purpose.

Which I don’t have. Any more, at least. Meaning that the 50% of credits I have towards my degree were translated into two credits at the new institution, unless I can obtain copies of the unit outline from my old university.

After six months of speaking to my old unversity, they’ve stated that:

  • Unit Outlines (prior to Oct 2009) have never been mandatorily kept
  • The Dept of Computing does not archive these
  • Only the lecturer has copies, if at all

Thankfully I was able to find someone in the University’s information management team, who actually spearheaded the effort to even get unit outlines archived - who has chased up the school and made a formal request on my behalf for the information - to no avail.

Sigh, looks like I’ll be doing a management degree instead.