My motivation over the Christmas break was short lived… I managed to get a few days of half-starting a whole bunch of projects, which is pretty much how I work: result!

But after the first week, the need to take a break hit me. 2009 for me has been very stressful and with things sorting themselves out I’m finally starting to feel human again. I’m keen to start work on new projects, but I want to spend a heckuva lot more time with my fabulous partner, Pia! Seriously, she’s been awesome putting up with more than the usual level of shit this year and I couldn’t have made it without her!

And there may be a bit of a spanner in the works. I’ve mentioned on my twitter feed that I’ve been going through the interview process at a fairly prominent search company. In the last few days before Christmas I flew over to Sydney and had the final round of interviews.

If I get a job offer and it ticks all my boxes, it might mean a move to Sydney is in order - which will put the kibosh on some of those projects. There are some personal, financial and family considerations for sure - but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself or even excited (fingers crossed).

Which is a pretty good start to the new year, I think. With perhaps an exception on the financial side of things, I’m definately feeling the most human I have in probably two years - and I’m keen to have a kick-arse 2010.